Supporting our people, supporting our community

Next Steps Australia is a charity organisation focused on helping survivors of domestic violence. Next Steps was introduced to Clime by our Chief Investment Officer, Will Riggall, and his personal connection with the Founder and Chair of the organisation, Bernadette Blair.

Will has said, “The mission resonated with me to partner with this organisation to fill the gap in supporting families that are victims of domestic violence to start their life again after having the courage to leave these damaging environments”.

Having seen the entity grow from a couple of donors into a strong sustainable organisation, I am proud to work with them to support their continued growth”.

Clime is passionate about supporting organisations that align with our mission and values. It was fitting for Clime to support Next Steps Australia for our ‘Secure your income in retirement’ roadshow in April 2023, raising money for survivors of domestic violence and their families with Manchester starter packs.

Clime looks forward to supporting other organisations in the future to give back to our community.


To learn more about Next Steps Australia, please visit their website.