SQM Research (SQM) has once again awarded ‘Superior – High Investment Grade’ ratings to the Clime Australian Income Fund (4.25 Stars) and Clime Smaller Companies Fund (4 stars).

Head of Investments at Clime Investment Management, Adrian Ezquerro, said “The SQM ratings for two of our specialist Funds are attributed to the strength of the Clime Investment team and the investment process.”

“Clime’s investment process and methodology focuses on identifying quality companies and investing in these using a strong valuation discipline. This has delivered outstanding results for investors at lower levels of risk than the benchmark”, he said.

The rating indicates that SQM believes the Clime Investment Management team “most often outperforms its peers and benchmark” and that “management is extremely experienced and skilled and has access to significant resources”.

SQM stated it considers both funds to be highly suitable for inclusion on Approved Product Lists (APLs) and platforms. In its report, SQM said: “The funds have displayed strong performance across all periods against both benchmark and peers”.

The Clime Smaller Companies Fund is a specialist small cap fund managed by a highly experienced and focused team. As unit holders in the Fund, the small cap management team invest alongside clients.
The Clime Australian Income Fund is managed by a team with over 60 years in combined experience. The Fund seeks to provide an income stream above the RBA cash rate from a portfolio of Australian listed and over the counter (OTC) securities.

The Clime Smaller Companies Fund and the Clime Australian Income Fund are both available for retail and wholesale investors with $10,000 and $100,000 to invest respectively via the Clime website. Financial advisers can also access the Fund for their clients via the Hub24, Netwealth and Praemium investment platforms.