Quick Bites | Share of Global GDP

After falling to 21.1% in 2011, the US economy managed a strong recovery from COVID-19, as evident by its rise in relative size since 2020. The US economy is estimated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to make up 26.3% of global gross domestic product (GDP) in 2024. Here, we visualized the world’s largest six economies by their share of global GDP.  

Over time, the distribution of global GDP among the world’s largest economies has shifted dynamically, reflecting changes in economic policies, technological advancements, and demographic trends. To see how this has played out in recent decades, we visualized the world’s top six economies by their share of global GDP from 1980 to 2024. 

Apart from the dominance of the US, what is noticeable is the steady rise of China and the relative declines of the EU and Japan. India’s growth trajectory has commenced and is sure to rise rapidly over the next few decades. Australia’s share of Global GDP is around 1%. 

All figures were sourced from the IMF’s World Economic Outlook (April 2024 edition) and are based on current prices. 


Source: Visual Capitalist