John Abernethy's Key Highlights included in this Letter to Investors

Global Economic Resilience

Despite challenges, the global economy remains strong, driven by consumer demand and adaptive businesses.

Relaxed atmosphere
Emerging Market Opportunities

Emerging markets offer significant investment potential due to their growth and global integration.

Relaxed atmosphere
Monetary Policy Adjustments

Central banks are carefully balancing inflation control with economic growth, leading to nuanced policy shifts.

Companies and Institutions
Tech Sector Growth

The tech sector continues to lead with innovations and investments, fueling overall market performance and future opportunities.

About the author

John Abernethy is the Chairman of Clime Investment Group and has over 40 years funds management experience in Australia.

He is also a director of WAM Research Limited and Jasco Holdings Limited. John was General Manager Investments of the NRMA. John holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics)/LLB from the University of New South Wales.

John Abernethy

B. Com. & Law
With an unwavering 40-year focus on helping Australians build and protect their wealth, investment management has been John Abernethy’s sole career passion since he graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Laws and Commerce degree. John is proud his career roots were at NRMA investments, a mutual focused on member service before profits. In his 10 years at NRMA, he reached the position of Head of Equities and Assistant General Manager Investments. Testament to his attention to service, quality and communication is that independent financial planners voted NRMA No. 1 Investment Manager during his tenure. John founded Clime 27 years ago and has carried the NRMA ethos with him, ensuring that going the extra mile for advisers and clients is part of the company’s DNA.

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