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Individually Managed Account

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If you are a high net worth individual, wholesale or sophisticated investor and have decided to let a trusted company handle your investments, Clime’s Individually Managed Account (IMA) service may be appropriate for you.

Clime has provided sound results for our clients in both good and bad economic climates over the years, by applying our consistent investment style. The portfolio design can be tailored to your specific risk and return requirements.

This service utilises an investing methodology with a quality bias and a strong valuation discipline, aligning closely to delivering our client’s investment objectives. IMA’s can be customised to your investment needs with a focus on achieving consistent long-term results. Clime does the investing on your behalf, while you have 24/7 access to your portfolio’s performance.

Growth, High Conviction, Income & International

If your investment objectives are to grow your retirement savings, you may choose the Growth option. This gives our investment professionals the discretion to invest across a broad universe of shares and other investments to meet your goals. Stocks that pay modest dividends but have a capacity to produce larger capital gains are generally called growth stocks, where profits are being redirected back into company growth.

The High Conviction portfolio suits in