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If you are a high net worth individual, wholesale or sophisticated investor and have decided to let a trusted company handle your investments, Clime’s Individually Managed Account (IMA) service may be appropriate for you.

Clime has provided sound results for our clients in both good and bad economic climates over the years, by applying our consistent investment style. The portfolio design can be tailored to your specific risk and return requirements.

This service utilises an investing methodology with a quality bias and a strong valuation discipline, aligning closely to delivering our client’s investment objectives. IMA’s can be customised to your investment needs with a focus on achieving consistent long-term results. Clime does the investing on your behalf, while you have 24/7 access to your portfolio’s performance.

Growth, High Conviction, Income & International

If your investment objectives are to grow your retirement savings, you may choose the Growth option. This gives our investment professionals the discretion to invest across a broad universe of shares and other investments to meet your goals. Stocks that pay modest dividends but have a capacity to produce larger capital gains are generally called growth stocks, where profits are being redirected back into company growth.

The High Conviction portfolio suits investors seeking higher returns and who have a higher tolerance for risk. The Clime High Conviction Strategy is based on the philosophy that the greatest investment insight and therefore value add in a given portfolio is in the highest conviction positions. By constructing a portfolio based on these highest conviction investments, superior returns should be achievable over time.

The Income option favours stocks and securities with a higher dividend / distribution policy. These stocks and securities may tend to produce less capital gain, but will typically demonstrate a lower level of volatility. This option is ideal for investors who seek to earn a reliable income from their investments.

The fourth category is the International option. Here the key focus is on a portfolio of global investments that deliver access to the world’s largest markets and are diversified across currencies, geographies and sectors. In most instances, investors will choose to combine international share market exposure with either an Income or a Growth option.

Clime’s Individually Managed Account (IMA) – Growth, is a managed account service that allows you to retain beneficial ownership of your investments. We will construct a carefully considered portfolio for you, aimed at maintaining capital in volatile market situations and delivering growth through the application of Clime’s investing style of a quality bias with a strong valuation discipline.

The IMA – Growth is ideal for high net worth individuals, families and institutional investors who have long-term investment aspirations.


to deliver strong risk-adjusted total returns.


seeks to achieve an annual total return in excess of the ASX200 accumulation index, while assuming a lower level of total risk.

The Clime Individually Managed Account (IMA) Income Portfolio has multiple objectives: capital maintenance and income generation, with a degree of capital growth.

The IMA – Income is designed to provide you with a steady stream of income by generating dividends, together with the potential for some capital growth and allows you to retain ownership of your shares/securities.


To deliver strong risk-adjusted total returns.


Seeks to achieve returns beyond the MSCI World Index, while assuming a lower level of total risk.


The Clime High Conviction Strategy is based on the philosophy that the greatest investment insight and therefore value add in a given portfolio is in the highest conviction positions. By constructing a portfolio based on these highest conviction ideas, superior returns should be achievable over time.

Following the same rigorous investment process as Clime’s core Australian equities strategies, a portfolio is constructed of 15-25 “best ideas”. This maintains Clime’s focus on high quality companies and strong valuation discipline. Further, careful consideration is given to managing fundamental risk exposures of the portfolio while seeking to outperform the broad market on both an absolute and risk-adjusted basis.

The Australian equity market is heavily weighted to the largest capitalisation stocks, with the ASX 50 accounting for less than 3% of the number of companies on the board but over 70% of the market value. Clime considers this to be a less than optimal asset allocation, with many of the fastest growing and least efficiently priced companies falling outside this segment. The portfolio is therefore weighted to small and mid-cap companies, with the flexibility to invest in large caps where opportunities present.

The investment process seeks first to identify high quality companies, based on a range of quantitative and qualitative factors. Clime places a priority on one on one meetings with subject companies’ senior management and detailed bottom-up analysis to derive financial forecasts and Clime’s valuation. This is assisted by top-down insights from Clime’s macro-economic process.

The strategy is available to wholesale investors and is managed under an Individually Managed Account structure, with investors having complete transparency and direct beneficial ownership of individual positions.


UniverseASX listed securities
Number of holdings15-25
Maximum individual holding weight15%
Maximum cash weight30%


To outperform the S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation Index after all fees over a rolling three year period.


Suggested minimum three years.


Investors seeking capital growth over the medium to long-term.


$1.0 million


Daily, with withdrawals processed within 10 business days.

Each individually managed account is established at a different time, with a different amount of cash and profile of cash flows; by transferring an existing share portfolio; or a combination of both. As a result, each portfolio is different – with performance of your portfolio tailored to you.

To help with reporting in a general sense, Clime track long term performance of representative IMA portfolios and we would be happy to discuss these figures with you in person via one of our Private Wealth Advisers.

At Clime we offer sophisticated portfolio reporting, which all IMA clients are able to access 24 hrs a day, via our online portal. This allows you to always stay in touch with your portfolio wherever you may be.

An IMA is defined by ASIC as a product for ‘wholesale’ and ‘sophisticated’ investors. Due to the sophisticated and personalised nature of this investment, we typically find a minimum investment of $750,000 is appropriate. However, if you fall within the definition of ‘sophisticated’ investor, there may be some flexibility with respect to the minimum amount accepted by Clime. To discuss, contact one of our Private Wealth Advisers.

Our clients typically fall within one or more of the following categories:

  • They view our investment philosophy of a quality bias with a strong valuation discipline favourably;
  • They are interested in steady, solid growth for their portfolio;
  • They are over 40 years of age and wish to conserve and protect capital;
  • They have a Self-Managed Super Fund; and
  • They have between $500,000 to $10,000,000 to invest.

You can start your Individually Manager Account with cash, an existing share portfolio (“legacy” holdings) or a mix of both. Your cash will be deployed to purchase a share portfolio when stocks are at prices the Clime Investment Team believe are appropriate to meeting the objectives of your portfolio. Note that this can take some time, as we endeavour to wait for the right market conditions to optimise your investment performance.

If you elect to have your existing share portfolio managed by us within an IMA, we will first of all evaluate your portfolio. We will sell, buy or possibly retain some stocks. Over time, your shareholding will be managed to deliver on your investment objectives.

Your Individually Managed Account is always accessible online. In addition, by being part of Clime, you have unique access to one of our experienced Private Wealth Advisers to help you achieve your goals. You will receive regular market information and updates prepared by our Investment Team and receive a statement detailing performance and fees quarterly. There is of course an annual statement which is produced in September to assist you with your tax return.

Clime’s Investment Team for you to hear directly about the issues being considered in managing client investments. We also encourage you to attend any of our investment briefings, where you can meet with our Management and Investment Teams face-to-face.

A listing of events and dates is available on our Clime Events page. We look forward to meeting with you in person.

For more information regarding our Individually Managed Account Service, please download the following brochures:

or call 1300 788 568 to speak to one of our Private Wealth Advisers.