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Direct Investors

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns are shown here for wholesale investors and are calculated after fees have been deducted and assume distributions have been reinvested. No allowance is made for tax when calculating these figures.Please refer to Product Disclosure Statement/ Information Memorandum relating to the products and consider them before making any decision about whether to invest in the product or not.

The Clime International Fund (CIF) aims to provide consistent capital growth and income over the long term (5-7 years) by investing in international securities.

The Fund seeks to deliver a return in excess of the MSCI World Index. To achieve this goal, Clime works with our highly respected international partner, Sanlam Private Investments – UK, in conducting consistent research on international businesses.


Direct Investors

Investing Methodology

The sub-manager of the Clime International Fund is carried out with Sanlam Private Investments (UK) (SPI UK) as the manager of the fund.

Clime Asset Management Pty Limited and SPI UK have developed an investment strategy and process that seeks to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns, over the long-term.

The Clime International Fund will select high quality individual investments to build an appropriately diversified, high conviction global portfolio. Through rigorous fundamental analysis we will identify high quality securities issued by businesses which contain many if not all of the following characteristics:

  • a strong balance sheet enabling the business to service debt comfortably;
  • a high cash return on equity;
  • relatively low capital requirements allowing a business to generate cash while growing;
  • high market share in their principal product and/or service lines; and
  • short customer repurchase cycles and long product cycles.

Investment selection will be of securities of businesses with management teams that typically act with the following behaviours:

  • they undertake rational and justifiable corporate management;
  • they maintain high returns on capital whilst generating excess cash after all reinvestment needs into the business; and
  • they make synergistic acquisitions to ensure above average long-term growth.

Fund Performance

Clime International Fund (Wholesale)5.2%4.6%8.4%13.2%8.7%8.9%8.5%
MSCI World Index (AUD) 5.0%6.3%12.5%23.8%11.3%10.8%10.5%

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