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Consistent Capital Growth over the long term

Investment Objective

This Model Portfolio’s objective is to achieve returns in excess of the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation index

Typical Investor

This Model Portfolio is designed for investors who seek an exposure to large, mid and small caps in a single portfolio. The investor is seeking some income (typically with franking credits included) plus capital gains. This portfolio is expected to have medium level capital volatility as a trade-off for long term capital growth and accept the risk of price fluctuations particularly over periods less than the minimum investment timeframe of five years and understands that capital preservation is not guaranteed

Investment Strategy and Approach

The investment process is multi-faceted. It focuses primarily on intensive bottom-up research to identify quality investments that are attractively priced and offer an appropriately compensated risk-reward relationship. This bottom-up research is supplemented by top-down macroeconomic views.

Risk management and capital preservation are key themes underlying portfolio construction. The aim is to reduce asset specific risk and produce consistent and replicable returns.

Indicative Number of Securities

20 to 40

Individual Security Allocation

0.5% to 11.0%

Asset Allocation

Australian Shares7098
International Shares00
Australian Property00
International Property00
Australian Fixed Interest00

Individual Managed Fund & ETF Allocation

2.0% to 30.0%

Suggested Time frame in Years

5 to 7 years.

Investment Fee 1.04% p.a.

Full details on the Fee and Charges that apply to this Model Portfolio are available via the PDS and Investment Menu.  

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