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Consistent capital growth over the long term

Investment Objective

To provide investors with a blend of regular income (with some franking) and consistent capital growth over the long term from a purposeful portfolio of Australian shares, International Shares, Property, Interest Bearing Securities and Cash. The strategy seeks to deliver strong risk-adjusted total returns over the investment timeframe – providing a return beyond the Benchmark with an equivalent level of risk as measured by monthly variability of returns.

Investment Strategy and Approach

The investment process is multi-faceted. It focuses primarily on intensive bottom-up research to identify quality investments that are attractively priced and offer an appropriately compensated risk-reward relationship. This bottom-up research is supplemented by top-down macroeconomic views. Risk management and capital preservation are key themes underlying the portfolio construction. The aim is to reduce asset specific risk and produce consistent and replicable returns.

Designed for Investors Who

  • Require a diversified balanced portfolio;
  • Are seeking moderate growth over the investment timeframe with a moderate level of income;
  • Accept a moderate degree of volatility associated with a relatively higher exposure to growth assets;
  • Accept the risk of price fluctuations over periods less than the minimum investment timeframe and that capital preservation is not guaranteed

Benchmark Index

Benchmark of Morningstar Multi-Sector Balanced

Indicative Number of Stocks

25 – 40, held across a range of asset classes and underlying sub-portfolios.

Minimum Suggested Investment Time Frame

4 to 6 years

Asset Allocation Ranges

Australian Equity203545
International Equity1217.525
Property & Infrastructure 212.515
Australian Fixed Interest / Debt Securities52530
International Fixed Interest 0020

Investment Fee 1.04% p.a.

Full details on the Fee and Charges that apply to this Model Portfolio are available via the PDS and Investment Menu.


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