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As at 31 May 2022


Benefits for

Clime Capital Limited (ASX: CAM) offers investors the opportunity to acquire shares in a top performing listed investment company.

Our focus is to deliver above market returns and fully franked dividend yields higher than those that can be achieved by investing in the broader ASX or an associated index.

Managed by Clime Asset Management Pty Ltd, CAM invests in quality companies, but only when we can buy shares in these companies at appropriate valuations.

CAM’s Listed Investment Company structure offers a number of key advantages to investors:

  • CAM pays quarterly dividends.
  • We are investors not traders, and our first priority is to protect capital.
  • CAM has the ability to look across listed asset classes to seek returns – a great advantage in an environment where many managers are often forced to be fully invested in one asset class.
  • CAM has a strong team of experienced investment professionals.
  • CAM’s structure makes it nimble, able to make fast investment decisions and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.
  • CAM’s focus on quality lowers risks in an uncertain market.
  • CAM will not be a forced seller of securities in difficult times (unlike a managed fund).
  • Equally, CAM will not be a forced buyer at inopportune times, as our mandate allows us to hold cash.
  • Many investors talk tough about buying when prices are low and selling when they are high. In reality, few buck the trend. CAM is one exception.