Clime All Cap Australian Equities
Fund Summary


Direct Investors

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns are shown here for wholesale investors and are calculated after fees have been deducted and assume distributions have been reinvested. No allowance is made for tax when calculating these figures.Please refer to Product Disclosure Statement/ Information Memorandum relating to the products and consider them before making any decision about whether to invest in the product or not.

Clime All Cap Australian Equities Fund

The Clime All Cap Australian Equities Fund is a concentrated portfolio providing a balanced exposure to high quality companies across the large, mid and small cap segments of the ASX.

The Fund invests in leading companies that have good economics, strong balance sheets, and significant growth prospects. The Fund is managed to generate a sound balance of capital growth and income.

Its objective is to achieve returns in excess of the ASX200 Accumulation index.


Direct Investors

Investing Methodology

The Clime All Cap Australian Equities Fund has a quality focus with a valuation discipline. Fund holdings are characterised by:

  • A competitive advantage, leadership within a specific niche and a sound track record
  • Financial strength and high levels of profitability
  • Low financial leverage
  • Capital efficient growth and cash generation
  • Highly capable management team aligned with creating shareholder value
  • Companies that can deliver genuine sustainable long-term growth
  • Investments that can be purchased at appropriate prices

Our approach to portfolio management ensures investments are appropriately weighted according to their level of risk and reward. Position sizing reflects our assessment of the company’s  valuation, quality and execution of it’s business plan. 

Fund Performance