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Clime Direct  is a stock research gateway, underpinned by the experience and knowledge of Clime Investment Management.

Clime Direct is well suited to self-directed investors who decide to take control of their investment decisions and has been developed to showcase the investment process and ideas which power the performance of Clime’s investment products.

Our objective is to provide all investors with insights and conclusions on stocks in the domestic and global sphere that institutional investors benefit from, via a low-cost subscription service that is easy to use and fully supported by an experienced Australian based manager, investment team & private wealth advisers. To do so, we combined a powerful institutional grade data feed from Thomson Reuters with valuations and qualitative research across the ASX and 20+ international stock exchanges.

We make clear, straight forward conclusions based on quantitative metrics and the macro-economic environment to determine its intrinsic valuation. We look to identify companies that are high quality and can be purchased at reasonable valuations.

We hope you enjoy our service, and as always – safe investing!

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