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Clime Direct  is a stock research gateway, underpinned by the experience and knowledge of Clime Investment Management.

Clime Direct is well suited to self-directed investors who decide to take control of their investment decisions and has been developed to showcase the investment process and ideas which power the performance of Clime’s investment products.

Our objective is to provide all investors with insights and conclusions on stocks in the domestic and global sphere that institutional investors benefit from, via a low-cost subscription service that is easy to use and fully supported by an experienced Australian based manager, investment team & private wealth advisers. To do so, we combined a powerful institutional grade data feed from Thomson Reuters with valuations and qualitative research across the ASX and 20+ international stock exchanges.

We make clear, straight forward conclusions based on quantitative metrics and the macro-economic environment to determine its intrinsic valuation. We look to identify companies that are high quality and can be purchased at reasonable valuations.

We hope you enjoy our service, and as always – safe investing!

Member Testimonials

“Despite using them for past 20 years, I’m pretty useless on a computer. Yet find the new Clime Direct layout very user-friendly. I especially like the ‘financial strength’ screen found in ‘key ratios’ section. I never buy/sell a stock without checking with Clime Direct.”

Mike M, Private Investor, QLD, member since March 2013

“As a Clime Direct subscriber I have been extremely impressed by the breadth of knowledge that is regularly shared. From the investment process and understanding the valuation methodology through to individual company reports, I find the information very useful. Where I really feel that the subscription excels is challenging the Status Quo on markets that are too dear or too cheap through weekly reports such as The View. Combining all of this allows us the subscriber to act as a novice fund manager that will ensure we are better prepared for market movements. Capital protection is vital when dealing with volatile assets such as shares. While Clime Direct does not tell me which companies to necessarily buy they help educate the subscriber to make logical and unemotional decisions. Keep up the great work.”

Ryan M, Financial Planner, VIC, member since January 2008

“I have found the Clime Direct system an essential tool for profitable, value investing within my SMSF. The database is second to none, and there is always back up should questions emerge. I expect the system to become an even more important stock picking tool with the upgrades you are planning.”

James M, Investment Manager, WA, member since January 2013

“If you’re like me, you don’t have the time to unearth quality companies or the confidence to know when they are trading at attractive prices. Clime Direct helps me do both; allowing me to manage my own portfolio of shares and save money in the process. For this reason, SIV has to be one of my best investments.”

Tim C, NSW, member since October 2007

“Very well structured, understandable explanations. Thank you for the information and associated advice.”

Stephen R, member since July 2012

“Undoubtedly one of your best assessments yet. Fearless, factual and direct. Such a pity it’s circulation is restricted to the “converted” – Clime Direct subscribers. It deserves wider circulation, especially into HQ Australia.”

Noel C, member since June 2009

“Clear analysis that provides me with more confidence and encouragement.”

Peter F-W, member since January 2012

“Terrific, considered and sobering analysis which reminds me of Alan Greenspan’s admonition of the pitfalls of “irrational exuberance”. It serves as a cautionary note to maintain discipline in investing strategies when everyone around you is going nuts. Tragically investment decisions are sometimes driven by unrealistic expectations of outcomes which exist only because inconvenient fundamentals are ignored. Luckily this is unlikely to happen to Clime Direct (Clime Asset Management) acolytes.”

Mark A, member since September 2010

“Many thanks for a very thorough and balanced analysis of the international situation which presently exists with important future implications. It provides a very useful broad guide of the risks we in Australia must recognise and monitor.”

Ken P, member since April 2009

“It is gratifying that your philosophy centers on integrity, transparency and conviction. Values are highly significant when an investor like myself places his trust in an external company. I have not been disappointed in the year plus service and results for me.”

Boris F, member since June 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a comprehensive list of answers to commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question/issue, please contact us at members@climedirect.com.au or call us on 1300 136 225 during office hours.

What is Clime Direct?2021-02-16T15:30:37+11:00

Clime Direct is an online equity identification, valuation and research service. It is our premium service, aimed at sophisticated self-directed investors (especially SMSF owners), accountants and financial advisors. It provides users with deep information and reporting on the Australian Stock Market and powerful ‘filters’ for you to identify stocks suitable to your investment criteria. For > 300 listed companies that have regular positive earnings (many small cap ‘start-ups’ don’t make a profit!) our analyst team provide current and multiple future year valuations, as well as a measure of their financial health, a forecast dividend and a risk rating (required return). We are uniquely transparent about the assumptions used to generate those valuations and offer you the opportunity to make your own valuations or modify ours using your own inputs or those of market consensus. We will often discuss bull and bear cases in our own reporting.

In addition to this core valuation service, Clime Direct provides you with access to the insights of a leading funds management team. This includes economic, market and sector valuations to give you better insight on ‘when’ and ‘where’ to invest in equities, as well as detailed weekly company reports. Other features include access to a vibrant user forum (that our investment analysts participate in), a portfolio tool (to track your stocks), email alerts (for stocks with dramatic changes in price or value), and detailed company information.

Is it a type of software?2020-01-16T12:53:04+11:00

No, Clime Direct is a web-based platform. It does not require any special equipment or software installation to operate.

As with all internet sites and applications, the display and use of the service can differ between browsers and operating systems. Amongst more common browsers and operating systems, we will continually test and optimise the experience of the service.

Clime Direct commits to support the use of the service on the following recent ‘versions’ of common internet browsers.

Browser Version
Google Chrome 25 or later
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later
Mozilla Firefox 24 or later
Safari 5.0 or later

Clime Direct commits to support the use of the service on the following operating system versions

Operating System Version
Microsoft Windows 7 All
Microsoft Windows 8 All
Mac OSX Snow Leopard or later

We recommend that you update your web-browser to the latest version and check that your browser and operating system are supported.

What securities do we cover?2021-03-03T15:49:17+11:00

Currently, Clime Direct covers over 3000 listed securities with detailed financial information, and average consensus estimates derived from up to 14 brokers. For stocks that have a consistent track record of profitability, we run a series of proprietary valuations and other measures to provide insight on whether they present an investment opportunity. Within those stocks, we give more focus to stocks that screen strongly based on our proprietary measures of ‘risk’ and ‘financial health’.

We do not value listed investment companies (LICs), exchange-traded funds (EFTs), foreign domiciled companies, or other non-equity or hybrid listed securities.

You will receive a range of financial information and proprietary insights on companies.

For over 3000 listed securities, you will receive access to an institutional-grade data-feed that provides (for companies with that history) decades of historical financials, as well as forecast consensus performance data. We believe this to be the richest source of data available to any retail subscription service.

For covered stocks, we provide a series of proprietary measures to help you evaluate their investment suitability:

  • A ‘current’ valuation, and up to three years of future valuations which rely on our analyst team’s forecasts,
  • A measure of the financial health of a company – the Clime Quality Rating — that helps identify the likelihood of it raising additional debt or equity, or facing insolvency
  • A risk rating (called a required return), that considers the percent return you should expect from a stock, to justify investing in it
  • Regular detailed reporting, including updates from analyst team meetings with company management, and ‘first alerts’ relating to valuation sensitive announcements
    In addition to these measures, we also focus our full company reports and analyst discussion on stocks that are flagged as being in our analysts’ watchlist (called the ‘Universe’).
How often is each stock’s information updated?2020-01-16T12:55:04+11:00

The prices of the listed companies are updated four times per day.

We update valuations for a number of reasons and these include:

  • Half-yearly and annual results.
  • Whenever there is an ASX announcement that has a material impact on the business (capital raising, change in the level of gearing, etc.)
  • Updated company guidance.
  • Changing economic and regulatory outlook.
How can I find reports on a particular topic or security of interest?2020-01-16T12:58:27+11:00

A range of reports, articles, and lists are available under four sources. The first source “analyst team” provides you with the most detailed views and conclusions of our analyst team and our fund manager partners. This is only available to Professional members.

Source Description Publishing day and frequency
Stock Ideas Company updates – Company analysis or results update on any given Universe Stock. Weekly (Friday)
Stock in the spotlight – A report or update on current Clime Direct Model Portfolio holdings. Weekly (Tuesday)
The View John Abernethy’s weekly macro-economic insights and views on stocks, the market and the economic outlooks of Australia and the rest of the world. Weekly (Wednesday)

What support is available with my membership?2020-01-16T12:59:49+11:00

When you invest with Clime Direct we commit to on-going support throughout your time with us, through:

  • Access over the phone or via email to a team that can communicate the house view on individual stocks or sectors.
  • Access to our customer care team who can provide technical support on the product
  • Monthly ‘webinars’ – during live sessions, you can post questions to the hosting client advisor and they will either respond during or immediately after, the session;
  • Regularly updated videos and users guides that explain all aspects of the Clime Direct – found in the Support section of the site;
  • The support of your Clime Direct peers through access and use of the forum. Given Clime Direct focuses on providing robust, detailed advice to serious investors, this forum can be a useful additional source of information for users.
Do you offer buy and sell recommendations?2020-01-16T13:00:29+11:00

No. While the client advisers at Clime Direct have a close understanding of the ‘house view’ on a broad range of stocks, they are not brokers or financial planners and do not provide personal advice.

We do not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. Any information and commentary provided by our advisers is general advice only.

Do you keep a record of past valuations?2020-01-16T13:00:56+11:00

Yes, a record of historical valuations can be found on the price value chart as well as in a table on the historical valuations tab.

How does Clime invest?2020-01-16T13:01:42+11:00

The key principle of Clime’s investment approach is to purchase quality companies at prices that are lower than their intrinsic value. Valuing companies is our core competency. Our approach is based upon the notion that good quality, profitable stocks will yield a good return in the mid-to-long-term when bought at a discount to value. The reason this discount exists at all is because the market is not rational and market sentiment can skew perceptions of the ‘fair price’.

How do we calculate the value of a stock?2020-01-16T13:03:00+11:00

Clime Direct uses a modified NROE (normalised return on equity) model to calculate intrinsic value. The way we measure NROE is by looking at the cash flows from an owner’s perspective and how much equity is required to produce those cashflows for owners (shareholders’ equity). For example, the calculation of NROE takes into account the reported after-tax profits the business earns throughout the year; the amount paid to shareholders as dividends (and any applicable franking credits on those dividends); those retained from shareholders and allowed to compound back into the business; and any new capital raised or bought back as well changes in accounting reserves (i.e. foreign exchange gains/losses, revaluations of assets) which are unrealised profits or losses that flow through profit and loss account. All of these amounts go into the calculation of NE (normalised earnings) and that is then divided by average shareholders’ equity over the period to give you NROE. Therefore our measure of NROE looks at all of the cash flows from an owner’s perspective.

Normalised figures (determined by our analysts) are used in all our calculations as they are able to eliminate the skewing from abnormal items that occur within company accounting records. Moreover, it is able to better account for the effect of franking and the Australian imputation tax system which regular ROE does not. In this way, our system is adept at valuing Australian companies listed on the ASX.

Of course, as with any formula, the valuations are only as good as the inputs used. Clime Direct provides access to the expertise of Clime’s investment team, who test and revisit their valuation assumptions – rather than just taking a consensus ‘data feed’.

For this reason, you should watch out for services:

  • That present value investing formulas that don’t account for this uniquely Australian aspect of franking credits
  • That is a ‘black box’ valuation and don’t have any experienced analysts behind their valuations

We have detailed information on our valuation approach in the Support section of our site.

Isn’t value determined by the current market price?2020-01-16T13:03:33+11:00

The market does not value stocks, it simply reflects transient prices determined by a minority of market participants whose reasons for buying and selling are likely to be influenced by a broad range of objectives and motivations. The opportunity lies in identifying divergence between the current market price of that company and the intrinsic value – to which, over time, price should gravitate.

Should I be looking at the current or future valuations?2020-01-16T13:04:05+11:00

Both the current and future valuations are relevant when considering investment decisions. The current valuation is calculated from existing interim and final reports while the future valuations are based on next-year forecasts. As a result, future values are based on forecasts that are the best estimates of our analyst team. This provides an important insight into how we think a company will perform in the future, but clearly has a greater degree of risk that our valuation will prove inaccurate.

You should be particularly aware of the risks of longer-term forecasting accuracy (you only have to look at broker consensus forecasts, to see how quickly expert views can change!), and we advise you to consider our forecasts (and the inputs behind them), as one input in your investment decision.

Who derives our valuations?2020-01-16T13:04:29+11:00

The valuations presented on Clime Direct are derived by the investment team of Clime Asset Management.

The team is led by Head of Investments Adrian Ezquerro and comprises a team of 10 staff, 6 of whom have more than 10-years’ investment experience.

How accurate are our valuations?2020-01-16T13:04:59+11:00

The Clime Asset Management investment team use these same valuations for their own investment activities. They invariably check and revise valuations daily, but as with any calculations which rely on forecasts and estimates, these valuations will always be an approximation.

How often do our valuations change?2020-01-16T13:05:25+11:00

As the valuations are based upon a variety of inputs, they will change if and when new information arises. Some of the inputs are made by our investment team – for example, the forecast earnings of a company. If an analyst changes this input the value will change. Other inputs are based on reported company information – for example, its current earnings. If this information changes, for example, a company releases a new set of earnings results for the year, the valuation will change.

This means that typically valuations will change at least twice a year though in some cases, more frequently.

How do our valuations differ from other sources?2020-01-16T13:05:37+11:00

Valuations can be made using many different methodologies, which accordingly produce different results. Even when the same valuation methodology is adopted, where assumptions are required, the valuations will depend upon the sense and accuracy of input assumptions made by the investment team.

Can I generate my own valuations?2020-01-16T13:05:52+11:00

Yes, you can make your own valuations on our company valuation page by changing the value of a variety of inputs. You can also choose to save these valuations for future review.

Can I trade shares through Clime Direct?2020-01-16T13:06:05+11:00

No, at this stage you cannot trade shares within the platform. Clime Direct is a stock valuation service with a focus on identifying long-term investment opportunities.

What has your performance been historically?2020-01-16T13:06:36+11:00

Unlike some investing ‘newsletters’ or ‘tipping’ services, we do not promote selected stock returns from recommendations. We prefer two more comprehensive measures for reflecting our performance:

  1. As the tool is used by the investment team of Clime Asset Management, and the valuations they determine for their portfolio stocks are reflected in Clime Direct, long term investment performance is a good proxy for the overall quality of valuations in the system. Click here to go to Clime Asset Management’s website, see the latest performance
  2. Within Clime Direct we have a proprietary measure or rating of “financial health” for all covered stocks. Historically this has been a sound predictor of stock performance.
What protocols are in place to avoid conflicts of interest?2020-01-16T13:06:49+11:00

We strive towards transparency and as such, have in place several protocols to avoid conflicts of interest. Wherever a stock is discussed in an article or report, if that stock is held within Clime’s managed portfolios, we will notify you. Analysts reporting on stocks, or contributors to articles, must also disclose any personal holdings. In addition to these disclosures, we have a stringent staff trading policy in place, to ensure compliance with ASIC regulations.

What should I do if I can’t log in?2021-03-26T14:30:25+11:00

Difficulty logging on may be resolved in several ways:

  • Confirmations of your username and password are sent you on each email;
  • If you have set up a password hint you can click on the hint to help you with your password;
  • Click on lost password and a computer-generated password will be sent to your nominated email address.

If, after trying the suggestions above you still cannot log in, please call customer service on 1300 136 225 or email members@climedirect.com.au.

How do I change my password and contact details?2020-01-16T13:08:12+11:00

You can change your password by clicking on ‘My Account’ located under the ‘Support’ tab. Within this section, you are able to change your password, email address and any of your contact details. Please note if you change your email address, the new email address you enter will become your username.

What should I do if I’m not receiving your emails?2020-01-16T13:08:48+11:00

There are a number of reasons why you may have stopped receiving our weekly emails:

  • Check to see if your inbox is full – this can result in an email bouncing back and the system will automatically stop sending the regular newsletters.
  • Check your email security settings – it may be marking the emails as spam.
  • Check your junk inbox.
  • Add Clime Direct to your safe list.
  • Also if it is a work email address you may have to check with your system administrator.

If none of the above provide a solution, please call customer service on 1300 136 225 or email members@climedirect.com.au.

How can I ask a technical question about how to use the site?2020-01-16T13:09:10+11:00

Questions can be submitted to our customer care team at members@climedirect.com.au, can be raised in the Clime Direct Forum, or you can call 1300 136 225 during working hours

How can I ask the analysts a question?2020-01-16T13:09:28+11:00

Questions can be submitted to the analytical team via members@climedirect.com.au or alternatively may be raised in the Clime Direct Forum.

I clicked on a company and it says it is under review, what does this mean?2020-01-16T13:09:44+11:00

This means the company is under review by our analysts, usually as part of the reporting season and hence an update to our analysts’ company valuation. To view why the company is under review click on Updates and see Businesses Under Review.

How do I export company financials into a spreadsheet?2020-01-16T13:09:56+11:00

On any company valuation page, click on ‘dashboard’ and then ‘fundamentals’. You will then see a box: “Download to CSV”, which will allow you to download the financials for that company in CSV format.

I clicked on a company and it says it is under review, what does this mean?2020-01-16T13:10:15+11:00

On the support page, under the ‘Upcoming Events’ tab, you can view and register for events available to Clime Direct members.

How I can learn more about the platform?2021-03-03T15:49:59+11:00

We offer a no-obligation 30-day free trial, which gives you full access to Clime Direct. During the free trial process, you can attend one of our regularly scheduled webinars, and/or, choose to take a guided, one-on-one walkthrough of the site over the phone, with one of our client advisors.

Within Clime Direct we offer ongoing support. The Support button on the main navigation bar provides detailed written user guides, as well as a variety of videos that step you through key functions of the tool.

Is there any obligation if I take the trial or walk through?2020-01-16T13:12:02+11:00

No. You are under no obligation if you accept a free trial, or if you take a guided walk through with one of our client advisors. Please make the most of your free trial, as it is only available once per year.

How do I subscribe?2021-03-03T15:51:08+11:00

You may subscribe via the Clime Direct website or by calling us on 1300 136 225.

As an existing member or trialist, on what date does my new subscription commence?2020-01-16T13:12:31+11:00

To maximise your membership period, your new subscription will only begin at the expiry of your free trial or existing subscription.

If I am temporarily unable to access my membership, can it be suspended?2020-01-16T13:13:06+11:00

You can suspend your membership once per year. The minimum length of time is one month and the maximum length of time is three months. If you wish to suspend your membership you must either call customer service on 1300 136 225 or email members@climedirect.com.au.

What is the cancellation policy and do you offer refunds?2020-01-16T13:13:27+11:00

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for new customers.

All of our memberships are based on annual membership commitments. These memberships can either be paid upfront or for 1-year contracts, you can opt to be charged on a monthly basis.

After the first 30 days of membership, we do not offer refunds, except where a user’s membership has been automatically renewed and they do not wish to continue membership.

Where can I view your terms and conditions of membership?2020-01-16T13:15:02+11:00

You can review our full terms and conditions here.

Are my payment details secure?2020-01-16T13:16:06+11:00

Yes, we take our obligations very seriously, and our payment procedures are PCIDSS compliant. PCIDSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Whether by phone or internet purchase, we do not retain credit card details of customers – they are securely stored in a format that is not accessible or useable by any staff member or third party at Clime Direct.

Is my personal information safe?2020-01-16T13:17:11+11:00

Yes. We adhere to a strict privacy policy, which can be viewed here.

How do I determine what emails I do and do not receive?2020-01-16T13:17:30+11:00

You can adjust settings for what emails you receive from Clime Direct by clicking on “My Account” in the user site.

Who are Clime Direct?2020-01-16T13:18:26+11:00

Clime Direct is owned by Clime Investment Management Limited (ASX: CIW), an ASX-listed integrated wealth management business. Our team work alongside Clime’s investment management team who collectively manage almost $1 billion of client funds.

Who are Clime Asset Management?2020-01-16T13:18:43+11:00

Clime Asset Management is owned by Clime Investment Management Limited (ASX: CIW), an ASX-listed integrated wealth management business.

Where is Clime Direct based?2020-10-21T15:32:41+11:00

Clime Direct is based at Level 12, 20 Hunter Street, Sydney. We are Australian owned and managed and our data is stored on Australian servers. Clime Direct shares its floor with Clime Asset Management’s fund managers and analysts allowing for frequent contact, discussion and the sharing of new insights.

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