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Clime Direct  is a stock research gateway, underpinned by the experience and knowledge of Clime Investment Management.

Clime Direct is well suited to self-directed investors who decide to take control of their investment decisions and has been developed to showcase the investment process and ideas which power the performance of Clime’s investment products.

Our objective is to provide all investors with insights and conclusions on stocks in the domestic and global sphere that institutional investors benefit from, via a low-cost subscription service that is easy to use and fully supported by an experienced Australian based manager, investment team & private wealth advisers. To do so, we combined a powerful institutional grade data feed from Thomson Reuters with valuations and qualitative research across the ASX and 20+ international stock exchanges.

We make clear, straight forward conclusions based on quantitative metrics and the macro-economic environment to determine its intrinsic valuation. We look to identify companies that are high quality and can be purchased at reasonable valuations.

We hope you enjoy our service, and as always – safe investing!

Member Testimonials

“Despite using them for past 20 years, I’m pretty useless on a computer. Yet find the new Clime Direct layout very user-friendly. I especially like the ‘financial strength’ screen found in ‘key ratios’ section. I never buy/sell a stock without checking with Clime Direct.”

Mike M, Private Investor, QLD, member since March 2013

“As a Clime Direct subscriber I have been extremely impressed by the breadth of knowledge that is regularly shared. From the investment process and understanding the valuation methodology through to individual company reports, I find the information very useful. Where I really feel that the subscription excels is challenging the Status Quo on markets that are too dear or too cheap through weekly reports such as The View. Combining all of this allows us the subscriber to act as a novice fund manager that will ensure we are better prepared for market movements. Capital protection is vital when dealing with volatile assets such as shares. While Clime Direct does not tell me which companies to necessarily buy they help educate the subscriber to make logical and unemotional decisions. Keep up the great work.”

Ryan M, Financial Planner, VIC, member since January 2008

“I have found the Clime Direct system an essential tool for profitable, value investing within my SMSF. The database is second to none, and there is always back up should questions emerge. I expect the system to become an even more important stock picking tool with the upgrades you are planning.”

James M, Investment Manager, WA, member since January 2013

“If you’re like me, you don’t have the time to unearth quality companies or the confidence to know when they are trading at attractive prices. Clime Direct helps me do both; allowing me to manage my own portfolio of shares and save money in the process. For this reason, SIV has to be one of my best investments.”

Tim C, NSW, member since October 2007

“Very well structured, understandable explanations. Thank you for the information and associated advice.”

Stephen R, member since July 2012

“Undoubtedly one of your best assessments yet. Fearless, factual and direct. Such a pity it’s circulation is restricted to the “converted” – Clime Direct subscribers. It deserves wider circulation, especially into HQ Australia.”

Noel C, member since June 2009

“Clear analysis that provides me with more confidence and encouragement.”

Peter F-W, member since January 2012

“Terrific, considered and sobering analysis which reminds me of Alan Greenspan’s admonition of the pitfalls of “irrational exuberance”. It serves as a cautionary note to maintain discipline in investing strategies when everyone around you is going nuts. Tragically investment decisions are sometimes driven by unrealistic expectations of outcomes which exist only because inconvenient fundamentals are ignored. Luckily this is unlikely to happen to Clime Direct (Clime Asset Management) acolytes.”

Mark A, member since September 2010

“Many thanks for a very thorough and balanced analysis of the international situation which presently exists with important future implications. It provides a very useful broad guide of the risks we in Australia must recognise and monitor.”

Ken P, member since April 2009

“It is gratifying that your philosophy centers on integrity, transparency and conviction. Values are highly significant when an investor like myself places his trust in an external company. I have not been disappointed in the year plus service and results for me.”

Boris F, member since June 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a comprehensive list of answers to commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question/issue, please contact us at members@climedirect.com.au or call us on 1300 136 225 during office hours.

What is Clime Direct?2021-02-16T15:30:37+11:00

Clime Direct is an online equity identification, valuation and research service. It is our premium service, aimed at sophisticated self-directed investors (especially SMSF owners), accountants and financial advisors. It provides users with deep information and reporting on the Australian Stock Market and powerful ‘filters’ for you to identify stocks suitable to your investment criteria. For > 300 listed companies that have regular positive earnings (many small cap ‘start-ups’ don’t make a profit!) our analyst team provide current and multiple future year valuations, as well as a measure of their financial health, a forecast dividend and a risk rating (required return). We are uniquely transparent about the assumptions used to generate those valuations and offer