Headquartered at the ‘GooglePlex’ in California, Google has become an integral part of much of the world’s lives due to its leading search engine. The company strives for non-incremental (or 10x) improvements across an ever increasing field. The driving force behind this is a culture founded on innovation and long term thinking. Google’s management style is unique by any standard, as employees are provided free food and they are allowed to spend 20% of their time on pet projects. Investors are encouraged to read the founder’s annual letters for a further insight into the culture and their unique way of thinking.

  • Google is the world’s leading search engine with more than 65% of the global search market.
    Google monetises search by selling advertising which is displayed above and alongside search results.
  • Google invests considerably to expand its free services; notable additions include Gmail, Google Earth and Maps. These services increase the onsite real estate in which advertising can be displayed, as well as providing another avenue to learn about its users and integrate into their lives
  • Google is building a significant presence in the mobile space though its Android mobile operating system, Google Play app store and Nexus phones.

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