Whether you’re a financial adviser or investing directly, there’s a few ways to get started but we’ll need to work out what suits you best.

Getting Started

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How do you get started investing with Clime?

Want to get started today?

You might already know what you’re after, and can get started today by purchasing Clime shares or investing directly into any of the funds we offer. Just find the fund you’re interested in and complete the application form.

What’s a financial adviser?

An adviser is like a personal trainer for your finances. They’ll get to know you and understand your needs, goals and objectives.

Generally advisers have a holistic advice approach. They will work with you to determine suitable investment structuring and asset allocation while providing investment and wealth protection solutions.

An adviser can open the door to a range of investment opportunities while guiding you through the process. Advisers work with you long term to provide assistance as your lifestyle and objectives change, keeping you on track to meet your goals.

I’ve invested, what’s next?

Once you have become a shareholder in Clime or invested in a Clime fund, you’ll receive a confirmation pack outlining your investment and providing you with easy online access to view your account. You’ll be able to view fund balances, manage personal details, and manage your investment. You can always contact Clime directly if you need assistance as well.

Getting Started

Find an

5 easy steps to find the perfect fit.

If you would like to work with an adviser we’ll help you find one that’s best suited to your needs.

We will call you and ask some questions to determine the best adviser for you.

The adviser will be in touch to organise a meeting with you.

During this meeting the adviser will seek to understand more about you, your current situation, and your needs and goals. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and ensure that you would like to work with this adviser.

The adviser will explain how they can help and take you through the next steps.

You will be taken through any recommendations in detail, and provided with all required advice documentation. Once you are comfortable with the recommendations, the adviser and their team will help you with applications and setting up of accounts.

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