Get to know our Investment team

Our investment team strikes a balance between seasoned experts and emerging talent, blending experience with fresh perspectives. This diverse and dynamic approach positions Clime at the forefront for investment strategies.

Dr. Vincent Chin:

In the intricate world of sustainable investing, Dr. Vincent Chin stands as our seasoned expert, leading our efforts at Clime with a wealth of experience and a unique approach. With over 23 years of professional investing under his belt, Vincent’s expertise extends across various asset classes, making him an instrumental force in our sustainable multi-asset income strategies.

Vincent’s focus at Clime lies in crafting portfolios that not only generate income in the near term (1-2 years) but also ensure moderate capital growth over the midterm (5+ years). His keen eye for quality credits and equities, coupled with a value slant, defines our commitment to paying regular interest and dividends. Vincent’s dedication to risk management sets a benchmark, aiming for capital stability with volatility well below the ASX200 index.

Beyond the numbers and charts, Vincent brings a structural and thematic approach to investing for the long term. He navigates the complex landscape of climate change, ESG, and sustainability, implementing multi-factors quantitative ranking on ESG scores to align our multi-asset sustainable income, balance portfolios with ethical principles.

Vincent’s career started as an investment analyst, specialising in technology, telcos, healthcare, and REIT. Vincent holds a PhD in Physics from the University of New South Wales. His unique background in science, with expertise in semiconductors and solar photovoltaic material research, adds a distinctive dimension to his investment strategies.

Outside the office, Vincent’s interests are as diverse as his expertise. From delving into modern history and human behavior to nurturing a passion for arts and culture, gardening, and walking, Vincent brings a well rounded perspective to the Clime team. When he goes on holidays, he embarks on high-speed rail journeys and indulges in the study of natural-formed crystals, exploring their physical properties, formation and geological origins.

Vincent Chin isn’t just a Portfolio Manager; he’s a visionary shaping the landscape of sustainable investing at Clime.


Gareth Abernethy:

Meet Gareth Abernethy, our Senior Investment Analyst, whose journey at Clime reflects a rich tapestry of experiences and passions that extend far beyond the trading desk. Gareth’s career kick-started in 2009 while studying Commerce at UNSW when he joined Norris Smith Securities, an influential player in Sydney’s finance scene. Immersed in the complexities of the stock market, securities, and derivatives under the mentorship of Norris Smith himself, Gareth quickly demonstrated his proficiency, earning a full-time role within a year.

Parallel to his corporate journey, Gareth delved into cryptocurrency mining, setting up rigs and importing specialised hardware – a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. Transitioning into a variety of roles at Clime, including customer representative, dealer for IMAs and funds, and now Senior Investment Analyst, Gareth’s multifaceted skills shine. As a dealer, he managed millions in shares, ensuring seamless client interactions and taking the lead on corporate activities.

Gareth’s role as an analyst is a fusion of his professional acumen and personal passion for technology. Beyond finance, he’s a saxophone virtuoso, crafting electronic music during his free time. His curiosity extends into late-night explorations of global geopolitics and watching international cricket games. Yet, amidst these varied interests, Gareth finds balance in cherishing moments with his wife, Isabella, and son, Lachlan.

Gareth Abernethy’s journey at Clime is  a unique blend of expertise, entrepreneurship, and personal passions that contributes to the vibrant culture of our investment team.