Clime Private Limited

On 3rd November 2016, Clime Investment Management Limited (Clime) undertook the separation of its shareholding in Jasco Holdings Limited via a new subsidiary company Clime Private Limited (Clime Private). Shares in Clime Private were then distributed to shareholders of Clime through the “Demerger”, which simplified Clime’s structure and provided potential to unlock shareholder value.

Clime distributed all of the shares in Clime Private on 11th November 2016 by effecting an equal reduction of Clime’s share capital on the basis of 1 Clime Private Share for every 1 Clime Share held. Clime Private operates as an unlisted public company.

If you require further information please contact our company secretary via

Structure of Clime Private

Clime Private Limited (Clime Private) was incorporated as a public company on 5th August 2016, ACN 614 090 309.

Clime Private was incorporated with the same number of shares as Clime then had on issue so that Shareholders would receive 1 Clime Private Share for each 1 Clime Share they held at the record date.

Clime Private is an investment vehicle whose sole purpose is to hold shares in Jasco Holdings Limited. Clime Private’s only income is by way of distributions from Jasco Holdings Limited and its principal costs include regulatory costs such as annual ASIC filing fees, audit fees and shareholder registry and communication costs. The directors waive the payment of directors fees.

Clime Private, as a public company will be audited each year at 30 June and audited accounts will be distributed to shareholders. In addition the Board will communicate half year results and other important events to shareholders.

How to Buy or Sell Shares
on the Low Volume Market

The process for trading Clime Private Limited shares is outlined below.

  1. Review the Low Volume Market Introduction and Important Notices.
  2. Review the current Register of Sellers and Buyers and Recent Transactions.
  3. Register Your Interest to buy or sell Clime Private Limited shares.
  4. If you are a Buyer or a Seller, you may request that Clime Private Limited provides you with any details of any Seller or of any Buyer. To request this information contact the Company Secretary.
  5. Complete the transaction by completing a Standard Transfer Form and return it to the Registry.

The matching, negotiation and execution of any transaction that occurs will take place between the Buyer and Seller without any involvement from Clime Private Limited. Settled transactions will be processed by Clime Private Limited ‘s share registry, Boardroom Pty Limited (Registry). Once the transaction has been processed by the Registry, the Company Secretary will then update the register of sellers and buyers.

  • To see the Register of Buyers and sellers on the Low Volume Market
  • To Register Your Interest in Buying or Selling Clime Private Limited shares on the Low Volume Market.

The Registry’s details

Boardroom Pty Limited
GPO Box 3993, Sydney, NSW 2001
Telephone: 1300 737760
Facsimile: (02) 9287 0303

Email via the form on this page:

If you have any queries about this process, please contact our Company Secretary at the address below.

The Company Secretary

Clime Private Limited
PO Box H90
Australia Square, NSW 1215
Telephone: (02) 8917 2130
Fax: (02) 8917 2155

Low Volume
Market Introduction