High Performing
Investment Solutions

This includes access to Clime’s high performing investment solutions. Managed by Clime’s investment team of 11 staff with more than 160 years’ experience, these solutions cover a range of single asset class and multi-asset class solutions. Clime also offers monthly market commentary and a quarterly asset allocation ‘dashboard’ with dynamic tilts, to keep your clients informed of what’s happening in markets and what that means for them.

Products &

Managed Funds

Clime’s managed funds are designed to meet a broad range of investor needs, offering portfolio diversification and access to our unique investment process and portfolio management expertise.

– As rated by SQM Research and Atchison Consultants (Clime CBG Australian Equities Fund)

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

Clime is the investment manager for a Queensland-based dealer group and has constructed bespoke SMAs for the group’s advisers. These are available on the Premium and Netwealth investment platforms. 

For more information

Our distribution team are available to work with you and your dealer groups to facilitate Approved Product List processes, one off approvals, new platform requests and presentations to your research teams.

For more information contact: Scott Briggs, Business Development Manager.

E: sbriggs@clime.com.au

P: 0490 306 613

Accessing Clime’s
Investment Solutions

Advisers can access Clime’s investment solutions in the following ways:

Managed Funds

  • Clime CBG Australian Equities Fund: Macquarie Wrap
  • Clime Smaller Companies Fund: Netwealth, Praemium, Hub24
  • Clime Australian Income Fund: Netwealth, Praemium, Hub24
  • Clime International Fund: Netwealth, Praemium
Managed FundsInvestment Administration Platform
Macquarie WrapHUB24
(IDPS & Super)
(IDPS & Super)
Clime All Cap Australian Equities Fund
Clime Smaller Companies Fund
Clime Australian Income Fund
Clime International Fund
Sterling Clime Separately Managed Accounts

  • Conservative / pension

  • Balanced

  • Balanced / pension

  • Growth

  • Australian equities

Economic &
Market Commentary

Each quarter, Clime’s investment professionals update our macroeconomic overview. This is translated into actionable strategies via our asset allocation models, where we may take dynamic tilts based on our analysis of markets and the investment outlook.

The insights collected by Clime’s experienced investment team and our asset allocation thought process is available for advisers subject to negotiation. This can include branding information to the Adviser’s business name.


At Clime, we are firm believers in helping advisers and their clients better understand the Australian share market. Our proprietary share valuation service, Clime Direct (www.climedirect.com.au) provides subscribers with access to the same insights and quantitative filtering tools used by Clime’s institutional equities and Fixed Income teams.

Clime Direct is available for advisers at discounted subscription rates. Advisers can also make Clime Direct available for clients should they choose, including with the adviser’s business branding, with bulk subscriptions available, which are subject to negotiation.

Adviser Q&A

Who are your investment team?2020-01-23T17:37:49+11:00

Clime’s investment team of 11 full time staff have more than 160 years’ collective experience. We are fortunate to have some of Australia’s most experienced and renowned Fund Managers in our team, as well as talented Portfolio Managers who have proven their ability to generate outperformance for adviser clients. Full bios of the investment team can be found here.

What is your investment process?2020-01-24T08:44:10+11:00

Clime focuses on investing in quality companies with a strong valuation discipline. It is the quality of the individual stocks we select and blend into our portfolios that deliver growth across our investment portfolios. Further detail on our investment process and methodology can be found here.

Are your Funds rated?2020-01-23T17:38:05+11:00

Yes. We have received ‘Superior’ ratings from SQM for the Clime Australian Income Fund, Clime Smaller Companies Fund and the Clime International Fund. We have also received a rating for the Clime CBG Australian Equities Fund.

Do you have Advice Document text to support my adviser recommendation?2020-01-23T17:38:10+11:00

Yes. Contact Clime’s Adviser Support Team on info@clime.com.au or call 1300 788 568  for the information to support your advice documentation and recommendations.

Could Clime build portfolios for my business?2020-01-23T17:38:16+11:00

Yes. Contact Clime’s Adviser Support Team on Team on info@clime.com.au or call 1300 788 568  for a confidential discussion.

Where can I get further information?2020-01-23T17:38:22+11:00

Please contact Clime’s Adviser Support Team on Team on info@clime.com.au or call 1300 788 568.